"Wild Art, Beautiful Life" Blank Canvas Gallery - Wynwood                            Dec 1st - Dec 21st 2015

(Miami - Florida, U.S.A.)

Wynwood Blank Canvas Project Opening Event

(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                          Sep 5th - Sep 30th 2015

Group Exhibition, Blank Canvas Gallery

An evening With Liliana Botero - Hublot Gallery

(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            May 14th - May 24th 2015

Solo Exhibition, Hublot Gallery

Coco Art Walk - Coco Walk

Coconut Grove, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                            May 2nd - May 12th 2015

Group Exhibition, Pop up Gallery

Integralismo Figurativo - Galeria El Gato

(Bogota,  Colombia)                                                                                                 Mar 19th Mar 29th 2015

Solo Exhibition, Galeria El Gato

12th Annual Toy Drive - Hellmann

(Doral, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                              ​Dec 4th 2014

​Group Exhibition, Casimiro Global Foundation

Art Basel - Red Dot Fair

(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            Dec 3rd - Dec 7th 2014

Group exhibition, Latin American Pavilion

Miami Consulate Reception - Doral City Hall

(Doral, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                             Nov 20th 2014

Group Exhibition, Casimiro Global Foundation

Aminta's Fair Expo -  CocoPlum Woman's Club

​(Coral Gables, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                               Nov 20th 2014

Group Exhibition

14th  Anniversary and Awards Reception - Miami Innovation Center
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.                                                                                             Oct 20th 2014
Group Exhibition, Casimiro Global Fundation

Homenaje a Gabo - III Feria de Servicios, Fair and Expo Center

(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.                                                                                             Sep 27th - Sep 28th 2014      

Group Exhibition,  Consulado General de Colombia en Miami

Art Is- 1310 Gallery
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.)                                                                         Sep 26th – Oct 10th 2014
Group Exhibition, 1310 Gallery Artist Lofts Sailboat Bend

Viernes Culturales - Futurama Gallery
(Calle Ocho, Miami Florida, U.S.A.)                                                                      Sep 1st – Sep 30th 2014
Group Exhibition, Futurama Gallery

2014 South Florida Group Exhibition- Vargas Gallery

(Pembroke Pines, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                         Jul 3rd - Jul 31st 2014                                          

Group Exhibition, Jose Maria Vargas University

​15th Annual Hispanic Art Expressions Exhibit- Hispanic Heritage Month

(Miami Dade County, Florida. U.S.A.                                                                  Sep 19th - Nov 7th 2014

Art Fair,  Board of County Commissioners

Art on the Plazza-Merrik Way
(Coral Gables, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                               May 22nd 2014
Art Fair, ArtLink Doral, LLC

Spirit of World Cup 2014-ALoft Miami Doral
(Doral, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                             May 15th-August 15th 2014
Group Exhibition, ArtLink Doral, LLC

Noches de Galeria-Consulado General Central de Colombia En Miami
(Coral Gables, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                               May 2nd-May 15th 2014
Group Exhibition

Tendencies-Diego Victoria Fine Art Galleries
(North Miami Beach, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                  April 24th-May 22nd 2014
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Galleries

Art Palm Beach-Palm Beach Convention Center
(West Palm Beach, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                      January 23rd-27th 2014
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Galleries

Art Basel- Russian Pavilion
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                           December 6th 2013
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Galleries

Miami Dream Art- Miami Dream Properties
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                           December 5th 2013- January 5th
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Gallerie

Berlin Art Week-Preview Berlin Art Fair
(Berlin, Germany)                                                                                                     September 17th-22nd 2013
Group Exhibition, G&G Fine Art Galleries

Downtown Miami- Marry Brickell Village
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            August 9th-19th 2013
Solo Exhibition

Septimo Salon de las Americas- Lucy Saenz Art Studio
(Pembroke Pines, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                        July 19th 2013
Group Exhibition

Miami Encore- Sea Fair
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            April 5th-7th 2013
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Galleries

Color Me Colombia-Cafeina Lounge and Bar
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                           March 1st 2013 
Group Exhibition, Blink Group Gallery

Area 31 @ Epic Hotel
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            December 12th 2012 
Solo Exhibition, Blink Group Gallery

Art Basel Week- Russian Pavilion, Kavachina Contemporary
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            December 8th 2012 
Group Exhibition, Elite Fine Art Galleries

​Tribute to Daniel Johnston- Grand Central
(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            December 7th 2012 
Group Exhibition, G&G Fine Art Galleries

Brickell Art Walk- Segafredo Brickell

(Miami, Florida. U.S.A.)                                                                                            October 30th 2012 

Solo Exhibition, G&G Fine Art Galleries

​ While elements of Lili Botero's work suggest an affinity to both "Op Art" and Surrealism she has avoided the pitfalls of both while carving out her own unique niche. With a limited palate, flawlessly applied, flat and hard edged, her canvases draw the viewer in to the endlessly flowing rhythms of the overall design while the skillfully selected colors suggest a futuristic trompe l'oeil as they appear to pulsate against one another. At a recent juried exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, in Florida, Ms. Botero's painting entitled "Godiva's Red Horse" won "Best of Show". In the opinion of this critic, the award was well deserved.

​A. Ian Fraser, Curator emeritus, Indianapolis Museum of Art.


An artist has emerged. She is the Colombian painter from Bogota, Liliana Botero. Born on April 5th 1979, Lili is the niece of the famous artist Fernando Botero. She recalls from a very young age to have been part of an atmosphere where her family loved creating art which encouraged her to find her own way in this field. The direct contact with international art reached Lili on trips to Europe in her teen years, when she visited major museums and galleries in Paris, Madrid, Florence and Rome. These experiences motivated her to study Architectural Design at the Escuela de Artes y Letras in Bogota. Lili continued her studies in the United States at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she earned her bachelors degree.  Lili decided to devote her time to painting, with a new custom concept "Suggestion of Forms in Synthesis". This became the invention of a style that combines abstract art with figurative art. The work of art interacts with the person by projecting an image that produces a sense of mystery and riddle that is to be decoded within a labyrinth of subtle lines and volumes. At the end the spectator realizes that all this is a mental game that leads to the discovery of a beautiful work of art with two visions, one in group and one in detail, with a focal point in a surprising way and out of the ordinary. 





Biography and exhibitions