Lili Botero Art 

Lili Botero, Niece of world renown artist Fernando Botero, has found a niche between "Optical Art" and "Figurative Surrealism" by working her own technique of "Figurative Abstraction". She named her unique style "Optical Surrealism" where she plays with colors and shapes to trick the human eye with the final purpose of finding a figurative composition with in her design.

Available artwork

Lili Botero is an a constant search of new compositions for her new artworks, working on 1 to 4 pieces every month. Her new work can be found in Blank Canvas Gallery - Wynwood, where she also have her artist studio.

Commission Artwork

Artist Lili Botero will work with you on a custom size, color and thematic of your choice within the artist unique style. Pencil Drawings, Acrylic on canvas and Murals made in Micro-cement and metal powder are available.

To BUY one of Lili Botero's AVAILABLE art pieces or to start your new commissioned artwork please submit your information with your request below or

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MIXED MEDIA-  artwork

Acrylic on Canvas- Horizontal artwork



Acrilic on Canvas -  square artwork

Acrylic on Canvas- Vertical artwork

Artwork shown on this page has been sold. To see AVAILABLE artwork


pencil/ink on paper -  original artwork